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Lady Lightfingers

You gotta love attention whores.  Pay attention to someone else, and they will up the crazy just to remind you of what they bring to the table.

With everyone watching Charlie Sheen's epic meltdown, Lindsay Lohan decided to flex her muscles a little bit.  You might think, given that she's on probation and with a court hearing coming up, her opportunities for public stupidity would be limited.  Nope, she's remixed an old single of hers into something new.

Lohan has been accused of shoplifting a necklace from a store (value = $2,500).  You know how, when celebrities engage in non-violent crime, fans defend them (hello, Winona Ryder)?  People were speculating about the nature of the theft and if the store was just looking to take advantage of Lohan's situation.  The store sold the security camera tape to Entertainment Tonight.  They premiered it on the web Monday and showed it on television last night.  The store claims they did it to end speculation about things.  Bottom line:  they pocketed $35,000 for the footage.

Well, Lohan is suing the store.  Her reasoning?  She never gave the store permission to profit from her image.  Yes, she is claiming likeness rights over security footage of her committing a crime.

As I've mentioned, Lohan has pulled the "likeness rights" bullshit before.  She sued eTrade because the talking baby in the commercial referred to another baby who wouldn't stop drinking from her bottle and stealing boyfriends as "Lindsay".  $50 million in exemplary damages, plus another $50 million in compensatory damages.  ("Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit," said Stephanie Ovadia, Lohan's lawyer.)  She's also sent a very angry letter to Lorne Michaels complaining about how last week's Saturday Night Live show had Miley Cyrus as Lohan taking cheap shots at her (if sued, Michaels can probably mitigate damages by pointing out no one watches the show anymore, so exposure was minimal).

If Lohan put half the effort into staying straight that she did into this bullshit, she'd be clean in no time!
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, i'm such a bitch, important life lessons, infernal gall, stupidity, wtf
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