Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

It Just Means There's Less Of Me To Love

Being back in the old department for one day got me thinking about something.  Everyone noticed that I seemed to have lost weight.  Chucklefart seemed really shocked by it.  So, I get home and decide to take the plunge.

Here beside me is a regulation bathroom scale.  Digital readout, not something doctors would use but more than adequate for my purposes.  I have placed it on the tile floor of the kitchen and am about to stand on it.

Last time I stood on this thing, I was still in the old department.  Two weeks away from heading into the new department, my weight at the time was a robust 268.7 pounds.

Drum roll, please....

249.9 pounds!  Yeah, baby!

I left the department sometime around mid-November (I remember because Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate just got listed on Amazon and I was showing it off.  The book was officially published on November 1st, All Saints Day).  Which means I'm losing about a pound a week, which is what is considered safe for healthy weight loss (one pound a week, two at the most, more than that, you are on a crash diet with potentially dangerous risks).

I just might cut a dashing, manly figure in Florida after all!  I won't be able to refer to myself as a "chunk" too much longer.

P.S.  I can bend over to tie my shoes again, and my tits are getting smaller.  It's odd the things you'll brag about when you're giddy.
Tags: lord hear our prayer, pure awesome, self reflection, technology is a beautiful thing, this ought to be interesting
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