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Everyone's talking about the iPad2.  Everyone wants an iPad2.

I don't even have an iPad1.

Kylie, my IBM S10 netbook, is great.  But there are some times when you want a one-handed operation device.  My Palm Pilot Zire 22 was outdated when I got it, and with the move to Garnet and now HP buying Palm, it's over.  I was holding out hope for an Android tablet.  But part of the problem is the price.  Dell makes an Android tablet called The Streak that has cell phone stuff built into it.  However, I have a pay as you go cell phone.  I simply don't use it often enough to justify a monthly plan.  So getting a Streak would cost me $600.  I don't want an Android tablet THAT bad.

They make tablets without the cell phone stuff.  That puts you in the $300 range.  There are cheaper out there, but oh my God, are you rolling the dice.  Augen made a tablet, the Gentouch 76.  But it runs unauthorized Android so you have to sideload everything.  Resistance screen, meaning you have to use the stylus and things that require more than one point?  Good luck.  Heats up uncomfortably.  Battery life is about two hours.

I thought that was bad until I saw the Archos line-up.  When it comes to the quality of the hardware, Archos makes Augen look like Apple.  Sound chips without drivers and all kinds of shit.  There was an Android with a 2.8" screen, but that was simply too small, and once again, I'm not sure what I would be getting for the money.

Out and about, and everyone who got an iPad2 is showing off their toys.  And I hear something.

There's a sale on Android tablets at one store.

I go over to check it out.

Sitting on the shelf is a Cruz Velocity Micro tablet.  $170, marked down from $300.

I look it over, wondering about it.  Non-working display.  Given the disasters of Augen and Archos, I wonder if I want to take a chance.  Dammit, if only I was at home and could look it up, but we're talking an hour's travel each way.

Then I slap my head.  There's a McDonald's here and I have Kylie in my pack.  You think I'd remember I take her with me just about everywhere.

Jumping online to check it out, I run across nothing but glowing reviews for the device.  Capacitance screen!  7" display!  Regular SD slot!  Don't like the Android 2.2 it comes with?  You can wipe the device and put a newer Android or a full blown Linux distro on it!  Overclocking!  This is what I've been waiting for!

I grab one.  The box says it comes with an 8G memory card.  Whoops!  Came with two!  (I need one for my camera for C2E2 next weekend.)

Now, I need a name.

I name my computers to keep track of them.  An odd division is my desktop machines are named after men and my portable machines are named after women.  So, what am I going to call this tablet PC?  I'm searching through names, and nothing is working.  I wonder if I should call it "Raquel," the name of Dom's secretary in the Stress Puppy strip.

Then, I remember another character I created.

In Sound Waves #4, Rhapsody meets Melody's parents.  Her dad is Laminar, and her mom is named Fermata.

RHAPSODY:  "Fermata," huh?
LAMINAR (snuggling his wife):  What can I say?  She likes to be held.
MELODY (rolling her eyes):  Oh my God....

A tablet PC that you hold constantly....

Folks, say hello to Fermata.
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