Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Dangers Abound

Seminole, Florida.

Nathanial Zeno, 16, is a student at Seminole High School.

He's been arrested for planning a "Columbine-type" assault at the school.

He told another student "was targeting people that had a history of being cruel or neglectful to animals."

Zeno, a self-professed furry, was studying a book on Columbine, was acquiring maps of the school, and coming up with a list of weaponry he wanted.  According to the Furry News Network, "His entries on the website show Zeno’s level of distress over the past months: He uploaded two pictures of himself. Under one, he wrote, “I know I’m ugly.” Under the other, “I’m hideous.” He listed his personal quote in German, which translated to, “Would die in order to be a real furry.” His tagline on messages: “I’d rather die on paws than live on feet … FFL — Furry for Life (Keepin’ it furry since 1998)."

As the world spins further into the darkness....
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, nightmare fuel
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