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When Johnny Comes Marching Home...Please Let Him Come Marching Home....

One of the thoughts that frankly scares the shit out of me is the idea that violence may be one of mankind's common bonds.  Sports team wins, people of all races and creeds and religions and genders will riot as one.  The verdict in the Rodney King brutality case.  And of course, everyone thinks they can run wars better.

After listening to all the criticism of Dubya and how he handled the Iraqi war, these are scary days.  Remember, Obama was elected by people looking for him to not do things the way his predecessor did.  By sending troops to Libya, he now makes himself a target not only for critics looking to avenge Dubya's honor, but also for his own supporters who wanted someone who specifically wouldn't jump into battle like that.

(Side note:  the New York Times reported that Obama is complaining because his administration is not the cakewalk he imagined.  He didn't expect disasters and wars and stuff breaking out.  Hey, if anyone did expect them, they wouldn't run for the office in the first place.  I may not like Obama, but I understand his frustration and misery.  If possible, I would put my opinions aside and just let him commiserate.  He's like anyone else stuck in a job they can't just walk away from and feeling the burn.  Yes, I actually have sympathy for him.)

Obama is telling people that, unlike Dubya and Iraq, his objectives will be accomplished in mere days and will be completely successful.

And my stance is simple -- all right, let's see it.

I want to see Obama do this in days.  I want to see the low death tolls and peace and prosperity he's going to bring Libya.  Hell, I'd like to see him do it to the entire Middle East.

You know why?

No, it's not a dare, born of thinking it won't happen and everybody will gloat at his failure.

I want him to succeed because, goddammit, those soldiers are still human beings!  They are our countrymen!  They are our brothers and sisters!  Our friends!  Our family!  They are our protectors, ready and willing to give up their lives for the American Dream.  A dream that isn't really American, it's dreamt of by everyone.  Where liberty, peace, and justice prevail.  Where we are all free to live, to love, to act as we see fit and in our own interests, not some disinterested ruler.

Talking with a Marine, he told me that his whole job was to die and he was ready to do it.  Maybe, but that doesn't mean I just want to throw them into danger.  Treating people as a resource is horrible.  It dehumanizes as well as bullying or insulting or swaying public opinion against them.  Actually, it's worse.  Because people can eventually come back from those things or, if they are lucky, live despite them.  That doesn't happen to someone killed in combat, no matter how valiant the cause.  Too many generals have no problem turning their troops into a mere force of nature, forgetting they don't stay that way forever.  They are still people.

So, please, Obama.  Prove all us naysayers wrong.

Just please -- do it for them.
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