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Part one:  I have a few pieces of original comic art.  Not much, mind you.  They are what I can generally afford.  I didn't want art pieces just to have them, I wanted them to be things I loved.  So I have some from the Dresden Files comic, a page from Blast Corps, small stuff.  I have a few pages from Archie comics that I got mostly to study and get ideas for my own art (I just prefer looking at black and white instead of color).  I would love to expand the collection, but I want it to be pages that I can really appreciate.  For example, years ago, I was a huge Power Girl fan.  Now, I honestly couldn't care less if I never get any of those in my collection.

Part two:  I have all the pieces that I have drawn since I started learning to draw again.  I even have the spiral steno pad with my first drawing of Holly from Stress Puppy in it (somewhere).  I mentioned in the art notes for Head Above Water that I had attempted to draw Alice Ip from DDR, the results were a disaster, and if I have my way, no one but me will ever see them.

Part three:  I'm not sure what to do with art pieces I have no use for.  There are some sketches I commissioned of things I'm no longer into and look at them with apathy or embarrassment.  There are the pieces that I drew that make me cringe at how horrible I was.  And, of course, I'm not sure what to do with the original art that I'm actually getting in print.  All those Sound Waves pages, for example.  I mean, I'm not going to live forever, but I'm not sure who would actually want the original pieces.  Hell, they probably wouldn't sell on eBay.

This brings me to one of those things that just makes me cringe.  Ryan Ottley drew early issues of Robert Kirkman's Invincible.  And he posted this on his deviantART journal....

"My good friend Derek Hunter and I had a burning party (two dudes is a party right?!) where we basically burned old art of ours that we hated. I posted the pics on Twitter as we were doing it and I got many questions and comments.

“”WHY are you doing that?!? Do you LIKE burning money?! You could have given those to a charity, Japan relief fund! You could have sent those to ME, I would pay postage!”

“My reasoning is, why would I want MORE bad art out there in circulation?! I only give art to charities that I like and think will pull a good profit for them. Giving away bad art to a charity is just…rude”

And, in addition to, on top of that...

"Check the photos below. There are many reasons I hate these early Invincible pages. Mainly it’s my lack of ability to draw a decent anatomically correct face. High brows, facial features look like they were just thrown on a blank face and where ever they landed I let them be. Not happy with them."

And yes, he posted pictures of himself throwing original artwork from Invincible into one of those patio fireplaces.

Now, strictly speaking, it's his art, it's his property, he's free to do what he wants with it.  But there's just something asshole-ish about this.

Why post this to his Twitter account and dA account?  He's attention whoring.  I love his "Do you LIKE burning money?!  You could have sent tose to ME, I would pay postage!"  Maybe some of those people didn't want the art because of monetary value.  Maybe they actually liked Invincible and would love original pieces but either can't find them or can't afford them, and these pieces of their comic book history are now gone.

"Why would I want MORE bad art out there in circulation?!"  Uh, it's already in circulation, dipshit!  It's in print!  So the comics are fine for public consumption, but the original art isn't.  What?

Naturally, people are upset.  Like I said, it's his property, he's free to do what he wants with it.  But come on.  He made sure the world knew about it.  He could have simply tossed it in the trash as I'm tempted to do with those Alice Ip pieces.  Instead, he makes sure the whole Internet knows about it.

(P.S.  It's disappointing from the point of view of fans of Invincible.  But strictly speaking, we're talking about Ryan Ottley destroying his own art and no one else can have it.  It's not like, oh, Greg Horn or Frank Cho destroying their own art.  He's several steps above me, but he's hardly a legendary talent whose artistic loss will reverberate through the fandom.)

devianTARTs are notorious for causing drama and attention whoring and being self-centered and trolling their fan base and so on.  Congratulations, Ottley.  It's not everyone that makes the furries on dA look sane.
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