Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

How Did You Get This Number?

"Who's at the door?"
"The American Lung Association."
"Tell them to go away, we got plenty."

As I believe I've mentioned before, I don't smoke.  I can't stand it.  However, there is a difference between, I don't like something so I don't do it, and I don't like something so YOU can't do it.  I have a couple of friends who smoke.  I don't mind toughing it out for them.  And anti-smoking is a bunch of bullshit anyway, since cigarettes are the boogeyman but anything else that can be smoked (cigars, pipes, etc.) doesn't get focused on.  Just making sure we're on the same page of music.

I have never been to the ALA's web site at any point in my life.  I haven't even contacted them.  And those of you who read my posts and have been following the current Stress Puppy story "Keeping Up With The Jones" know how I feel about banning smoking.  So imagine my shock when I get an email with the header, "Illinois' Smoke-Free Air Is Threatened We Need Your Help."  Wow, they must really be desperate to be dragging me into this.

The email:


It’s not often we email our entire donor base but the severity of this matter demands it.

The smoke-free air law in Illinois is threatened by three bills in the Illinois House of Representatives and we need your help to make sure they don’t pass.  Passage of these bills could lead to smoking in bars, private clubs and gaming facilities and we can’t let Illinois take such a huge step backwards in protecting the health of its citizens.

Please use this link to send a quick email to your legislators and tell them to vote “NO” on House Bills 1965, 1310 & 171.  It takes less than a minute and will ensure the air in Illinois stays smoke-free.

 Thank You,

Kathy Drea
VP of Advocacy
American Lung Association in Illinois

Uh...when did I become a part of their donor base?!?  I give to only certain charities, and the ALA is NOT one of them.  (It also has a link in the lower corner to unsubscribe.  Done, and done.)

Bars and such in Illinois have lost customers because of the smoking ban (this is also why the riverboat gambling casinos are hurting so much around here -- people just pop over the border to Indiana where they can enjoy adult freedoms).  And it's been preposterous to boot.  During the blizzard we had here, I felt sorry for all the people who had to stand outside in that freezing cold.

The only people still smoking know it's bad for them but they do it anyway for whatever reason.  Banning smoking isn't going to change that.  Didn't you learn anything from Prohibition?  You can't legislate morality.  You really want to stop smoking?  Start kicking some of that money to helping people who want to quit kick the habit.  They'll appreciate your efforts.  Quit imposing your will on others.


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