Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Numbers Racket

"Metallica sold out in fifteen minutes!"
"Yeah, I know. mean like for a concert, right?"
--from an IRC chat

Uh oh.  Someone decided to look into those awesome numbers Charlie Sheen's live show tour were pulling in.

Remember how those tickets just flew out, setting a record for Ticketmaster sales and such?  Well, Jane Wells of CNBC discovered that the tickets were snapped up by secondary ticket sellers (StubHub, Who Needs Two?, places like that).

And it seems they seriously overestimated demand.

For example, let's say you live in Detroit and want to see Sheen's show.  There are still 1,449 tickets available, about 28% of the total available.  And they are being sold for less than face value.  (I'm wondering about Chicago.  Illinois doesn't have ticket scalping laws.  In fact, every time the news shows people lining up to buy Cubs tickets before the season starts, you will see them interviewing one or two known scalpers.  I'm wondering if any scalpers bought the Charlie Sheen tickets in hopes of flipping them.)  If you're in New York, Boston, or Ontario and want to convince yourself that life is not worth living, they have "Meet & Greet" packages where you can bask in Sheen's aura offstage available.

Me?  I'd rather suffer through Sucker Punch again than try out a Charlie Sheen show.  I just find it interesting that the media juggernaut looks like a Range Rover powered by a flashlight battery.
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