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DERPing With The Stars

There are certain shows I studiously avoid.  One of them is American Idol.  The other is Dancing With The Stars.

Tonight, these two shows will collide in a train wreck of stupid.

I have no clue who Adam Lambert is other than being (I guess) the winner of one season of American Idol.  Lamber is gay.  How do I know this?  Because while I don't follow American Idol, I do follow blatantly stupid hypocrisy.  A year and a half ago, Lambert was banned from performing on any ABC program.  They claimed it was because they concerned he would behave "inappropriately" on camera.  What triggered this was an appearance during the ABC-broadcast American Music Awards.  Lambert was giving a sexually charged performance and apparently kissed his male bass player.  (IIRC, on MTV, Madonna kissed Britney Spears during a performance.  I may be straight, but if my choices are being kissed by Adam Lambert and being kissed by Madonna, then I'll gladly be gay for however long the kiss lasts.  I keep thinking kissing Madonna's face must be like kissing an old catcher's mitt.)

Despite the fact that straight performers have been doing far more blatant stuff on performances for years, Lambert got the boot.  ABC has standards.  ABC has morals.

ABC has bills to pay.

Tonight's Dancing With The Stars features world class douche bag Chris Brown.  Brown was arrested for beating up his then-girlfriend, the singer Rihanna.  Now, I know there are news and rumors that Rihanna may not have been completely innocent, but that doesn't matter.  No one deserves to be beaten by someone who claims to love them.  NO ONE.  He got nailed.  He claims to have finished anger management training, but last week, after appearing on ABC's Good Morning America, he was asked about Rihanna.  When the interview ended, he was supposed to wait until after the commercial break and sing a song.  Instead, he went to his dressing room and had a shit fit, trashing the place.  Despite that getting some pretty heavy ink from the national press, ABC hasn't bounced Brown's performance from Dancing With The Stars.

In fact, according to E! Online:

"Indeed, sources at ABC have confirmed to me that producers want to “milk this event [the ABC meltdown] for everything its worth,” high moral news standards (and, one assumes, laws, especially those involving convicted felons and their subsequent behavior) be damned. And not only was Brown’s upcoming Dancing With the Stars appearance next week not canceled, as we predicted, guess what other media deal ABC wants to build with bad-boy Brown?

"A reality show, perhaps?

“No, that would never happen here,” said a top-level ABC insider, who knows the current situation regarding Brown very well. “What’s far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time.”

So, just to review -- gay kissing is bad (well, gay guys kissing.  We all know girls kissing is totally hot, whether or not they're gay, because maybe they are and they don't know it).  Straight guys who beat their girlfriends get TV offers.

Everybody puke on three!  One!  Two!  bleeeeeeeeh!
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