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No, This Isn't Me. I'm Much More Direct

I support anonymity.

This is important.

Part of the fight over HTML5 was how much control it puts in the hands of end users, protecting their privacy and identities.  Naturally, the only ones opposing this are the big companies that track for market research and idiots from the anime forum who think that piracy is what is killing anime and manga (yeah, they're still saying it.  I get the feeling that, if I stayed there, I'd think I was in friggin' Groundhog Day).

Anonymity is a shield.  It protect people.  Those who usually say, "You should have the guts to say whatever it is to my face," usually have other means at their disposal to silence opposition.  Threats of force.  Gossip mongering.

Or, if you're a politician, access to the city machinery.

My town is in the middle of a hotly contested election.  Well, sort of.  The mayor is struggling to keep her job despite kickbacks, graft, firing people to save money and then giving the jobs (with raises) to people who worked on her campaign, using city resources for personal use (fixing her house), and so on.  One guy running against her, everyone working at City Hall was forbidden to talk or help him under threat of being canned.

Anonymous to the rescue.

Seems her husband has been going around town and stealing signs of other candidates.  Someone covertly shadowed him with a video camera, created a YouTube account, and posted it.  The mayor is unable to have the video taken down.  The account was registered through proxies, so no tracking identity that way.  And everyone in my town has seen it and is talking about it.

There's also a mass mailing.  It's anonymous.  No return address, dusting for prints turns nothing up, the envelopes are self-sealing.  Inside is a list of all the rotten things she's done as mayor with citations to newspapers to prove this isn't being made up to smear her.  Postmarks are from a bulk fascility at least one PO distro center away.

The mayor would be making this person's life Hell right now if the identity was known.  Anonymous is a shield against the powerful and corrupt.  Just because a bunch of morons on the Internet use and abuse the privilege, don't throw it away.  The Founding Fathers understood the importance of anonymity.  Sometimes, it's the only thing we have.
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