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How Long Until Marvel And DC Try To Co-Opt THIS Emerging Market?

Some of you may remember the discussion I had a short time ago with ying_ko_4  over the merits of the Supergirl movie with Helen Slater.  The bullet points:  I liked it, he didn't.  And then there was yesterday's post where I examined what had emerged so far about the new pilot for the Wonder Woman TV series.

I have, to put it mildly, curious tastes.  I still have Batman:  Dead End as a .MOV file somewhere.  Between my legitimate comic book movies like Corman's Fantastic Four and the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman (which, IIRC, ying_ko_4 also wondered why I liked it),  I have fan films like Wonder Woman:  Balance Of Power and Cofessions Of A Teenage Supergirl.  I don't apologize, I just go with it.

Porn companies figured out from all the Rule 34 out there that the now-blatant sexual elements of superhero comics mean there's an audience.  We've had at least two Batmans, a Justice League, and a Superman (more, I suppose, if you count borderline ones like Spider Babe with Misty Mundae).

I bring this up because they have started shooting Supergirl:  An Extreme Comixxx Parody.

Wow.  Look at those production values.  The set design budget must have easily hit triple digits.  If you thought you had to go to godawfulfanfiction to find stupid sexual mash-ups, nope.  The movie features Supergirl (Alanah Ray), Superman (Dale Dabone -- please, dear God, let the writers remember they are related and don't pair them off.  Anyway, he played Batman in Batman XXX and Jor-El in Superman XXX), Lois Lane (Jenna Presley), Natasha Luthor (And San Dimas, who played Lois Lane in Superman XXX), Zor-El (Buck Fuddy -- what a name.  Jeeeeeeezus), Barbara Gordon (Sunny Lane), Alura (Nina Hartley (!)), Dean Beverly Burnham (India Summer), and Bruno Mannheim (Johnny Castle).

Something tells me I may not want to see this.  Although I don't think anyone can goof on Helen Slater's movie after this.
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