Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Stress Puppy Reprise -- Keeping Up With The Jones #16

I was really nervous about the layout for this strip.  I wanted the nice big panel at the end, but I wasn't sure how to convey the order of the first six panels to be read.  They are set up to read left to right, one row at a time, but I was worried someone might try up and down, one column at a time.  Basically, I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  I could have cheated and just drawn arrows, but that would have taken up valuable real estate, considering each panel was now half the size as usual.  I couldn't go with the regular four panel set-up because I didn't think it gave enough time to set up the attack.  There wasn't enough context and it made Holly's assault seem too random.  I wanted to convey that her reaction was natural.

Holly's bat was originally going to be called "The Widowmaker", but I'd already done a similar joke in the For The Health Of It storyline.  The Jalapeno Popper was a gag that came to me, surprise surprise, while looking at an appetizer menu at a restaurant.

Harry Potter reference FTW!
Tags: anti-smoking zealots, art, comics, original comic art, stress puppy
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