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Years ago, I was working on my job when a guy approached me.  He seemed nervous.  I recognized his vibe right away.  It was the same vibe I know I give off when I'm about to put myself out there, risk rejection, and ask a woman out on a date.  He shyly told me he thought I was attractive and was wondering if I'd get to know him.  I'm straight, so there was nothing on my end.  But me, being me, didn't want to hurt the guy.  I knew aaaaaaall too well how vulnerable he was feeling at that moment.  I politely told him I was straight, keeping my tone friendly and apologizing that I didn't feel anything for him.  I did everything I could to let him keep as much dignity as possible.  He seemed grateful that I didn't flip my shit and politely excused himself.

In retrospect, I think I understand why I reacted the way I did instead of hyping.  Simply put, being hit on by a gay guy wasn't a big deal.  I could simply disregard what happened as if a woman I wasn't interested in had hit on me.  I didn't worry that I was giving off a gay vibe.  His approach said nothing about me other than I had sensual appeal to him.  There was no desperate "I'm not gay!" flailing on my part.  It happened, and I moved on.

I'm still trying to figure out why everyone reacts to gay guys like they are seeing the pope feasting on Jesus' corpse.  I mean, strictly speaking, gays are only 1-3% of the population.  You have a better chance of running into someone with a foot fetish (10%, and let me tell you, THAT'S what I call a weird sex habit) than a gay person.  Naturally, gays with a sense of humor have a lot of fun with such people.  I remember seeing a protester in the late 80's holding a sign that said, "I am your worst nightmare and your best fantasy."  And any video gamer who ran into the Fruit Brute knows what I'm talking about.

Still, some people aren't content to just leave gays alone.  They want some place where there is no trace of them.  I remember protests over a gay kiss on Star Trek -- Deep Space 9, where one idiot wrote that he was a good Christian, "I don't think you realize how much of your audience is Christian.  We will boycott the show if you promote a deviant lifestyle!"  Another option people want is escaping into the world of video games.  Where men are men and women are sometimes gay (Mass Effect 2) and you can simply not download content you find objectionable (GTA4's Ballad Of Gay Tony comes to mind).  Well, that's not exactly fair -- Lionhead Studios has cast openly gay Stephen Fry in all three Fable games as Reaver, a bi character who doesn't bother to hide his leanings.

Bioware, the creators of the aforementioned Mass Effect, have released their newest MMORPG, Dragon Age II.  And one of the things they decided to do was include gay relationships.  If you play as a male character, lots of women will flirt with your avatar, but a few men will, too.  Well, it's a role playing game.  If you don't want to be a gay character, you can simply not play the role of one.  It's just an option.

That, however, was not good enough for "straight male gamer" as he identified himself on the Bioware forums.

This fool flat out stated he finds homosexuality "disgusting" (okay, then this guy shouldn't be homosexual, then.  Problem solved.  I mean, it's not like gays are trying to recruit him.  Hell, they probably would avoid him just because he's an asshole.  Someone like that is safe from gays wanting to voluntarily spend time with him).  He didn't like that he not only received flirts from male NPC's, but the female flirts he received were not very "exotic".  He claimed that Bioware was pissing off their "main demographic: the straight male gamer".  "It makes things very awkward when your male companions keep making passes at you."  He wanted Bioware to implement a "No Homosexuality" option to protect end users from gayness (is it just me, or do these people who freak about gayness seem like the kids who didn't want to catch the other gender's cooties?).  Previous Bioware games, "almost every companion in the game was designed for the male gamer" but not anymore.  Remember, being a bloodthirsty killing machine is fine in a video game, but being gay is not.

Bioware's response?  I'll let David Gaider, one of Bioware's senior writers, take it away.  Here's what he wrote on Bioware's own public forum --

""Privilege always lies with the majority. They're so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance . . . And the person who says that the only way to please them is to restrict options for others is, if you ask me, the one who deserves it least."

That's telling him!  He just left out the "eat a bag of dicks" is all.
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