Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I Like Hate, And I Hate Everything Else

The title was stolen from a T-shirt for one of my then-favorite comic book series.

So the other day, I'm walking to the store to get some fixings for food, and I see a guy.  He was my coach back when I was in Little League baseball, so you know we're talking a looooooooong time ago.  That year, I only played a few games, I honestly think no more than three, because he benched me.  In retrospect, he was right to.  I sucked at sports (haven't played them since, so I doubt there has been improvement), and he was looking to win games.  Yeah, sure, kids just want to play and all that, but that only works until people get tired of losing and being a joke.  Then, they want to win.  And grade school kids are extremely competitive.

My mom's response to this affront to "it's all for fun" was to sort of boycott the guy.  When we were in church and he was giving communion, we would go to another person, even if they were on the other side of the church.  Wanted nothing to do with him.  After I fell out with the church, I hadn't seen hide nor hair of him until just the other day.

He gave me a friendly smile and a wave.  Seeing no harm, I smiled and waved back.  A few days later, he was driving by and gave me a friendly wave.  Great.  I've convinced him I'm not anti-social.

I'm sure my mom would flip out if she found out I was just being decent to the guy, but I stand by my right to let these bygones be bygones.  They say you judge a man by his friends.  I disagree.  I believe you judge a man by his enemies -- who hates him and why, and what prompts him to forego "live and let live" tells you more about someone than a bunch of character witnesses who might not necessarily be thinking critically about you.  So this guy benched me in Little League.  Boo fuckin' hoo.  There's a war going on.  There are people seeking to use their social, political, religious, and business positions to deprive us of our rights or act entitled to our money.  There are REAL people and problems to oppose.  And some guy who, for whatever his reasons, didn't want me to play because I sucked?  Ah, let that go, already.

Nothing says I can't just be decent to the guy and not keep nursing some pointless grudge.  Time to be a grown-up.
Tags: important life lessons, self reflection, welcome to the next level
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