Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Stress Puppy Reprise -- Keeping Up With The Jones #17

Another Harry Potter reference, and another gag hinging on the fandom rivalry between Raff and Holly.  This strip marked the first appearance of the Marauder's Map on Raff's Palm Pilot.

For those of you wondering, this isn't bullshit.  Companies that are really paranoid about corporate espionage and your upper tier law enforcement (the feds) have them to catch people trying to access their networks from inside the building.  The problem is, you need to actually connect to the network for it to work.  I wasn't sure how to pull it off, until I remembered I see my bosses with their cell phones on them constantly to receive IM's and such.  Ergo, they are always connected to the network.  And what was a strip and piece of continuity that I thought I'd have to scrap for being unrealistic became very realistic.

I know...the strip stars anthros, and I'm worried about realism.  Sue me.
Tags: anti-smoking zealots, art, comics, computers, original comic art, science in action, stress puppy, technology is a beautiful thing
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