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Yay, Feminism!

Those of you reading my blog know that I love Greg Horn.  I think he's an awesome comic book artist.  Yes, even better than Adam Hughes.  I'm not alone on this.  Many consider his cover for Wonder Woman #600 to be one of the series' best ever.  He is fantastic with perspective and knows how to convey the beauty of the feminine form.  He's a great guy to talk with at conventions -- he doesn't talk when there's a crowd he's working, but catch him during some down time, and you can go on for hours.  He uses his celebrity to help others, such as any money he takes in for signing comic books goes to HERO, which provides health care to comic pros who can't afford it.  He's super expensive to get commissions from (rumors are somewhere between $800 and $1,200 for a single character scene.  Not sketch, scene), but he does such a great job, a sketch from him would probably be the crown jewel of my collection.  I mean, I just admire the guy's talent and respect him so much....


I know.  I know.  I know we are dealing with two characters whose costumes are basically fetish garb.  I know there's sexual chemistry between Batman and Catwoman.  I know she's supposed to be very cat-like.  I know both Bruce Wayne and Batman are very dominant.  I know that roleplay scenarios happen all the time and it means nothing other than how sexual partners enjoy that time.

But, folks, I'm really having a tough time coming up with some way of defending or excusing this piece.  (And I know people make jokes about all the crap Batman keeps in his utility belt, but a quart of milk?)

You don't suppose this is why I'm having trouble attracting regular comic book readers to my work, do you?  Nah, that can't be it.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, haven't we suffered enough, let's talk about sex bay-bee!
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