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Red Riding Hood -- The Big Bad Wolf

So, this weekend, I did some test drawings of Red Riding Hood, just to see how they would work.  As I'm sure comes as no surprise, I likes cute, and liked what I had come up with.  Now came the tough part -- working on something outside my comfort zone that wasn't so cute.

This is probably not the final design.  I was just looking for something to solidify my thoughts and keep me on model as I experimented with drawings.  But from the upcoming one shot comic now four issue miniseries, Red Riding Hood, here's the primary antagonist, the Big Bad Wolf.

This was a lot harder to come up with than I thought.  I came up with an initial design that I didn't like at all.  Here's the Version 1 of Big Bad.

(I know it's tilted.  The original isn't.  I hate HP scanners, and I didn't feel like dragging out the Mustek.)

Obviously, I never got around to inking the above image.  It just didn't seem right.  Yes, it uses my chibi art as a foundation.  But I just had concerns that it fit too well with the vibe of Red Riding Hood herself.  He's the antagonist, he should be separate.  Besides, I didn't think he gave off an appropriately menacing vibe.  And he just wasn't cartoony enough.  This is going to be a comedy, after all.  I needed something more to work with.  One of the things about cartoony art is anything becomes a means of expression.  I just didn't see enough there to work with.

One thing I decided was that there wouldn't be as much flow with his lines.  Red Riding Hood, her lines are done in one motion, following curves and bends that connect together.  I decided the Big Bad Wolf would work better with a rougher feel.  I drew him with mostly straight lines and angles to denote bends.  The square appearance will make him look alien in the general surroundings of the comic and like a complete entity instead of just an extension of Red Riding Hood.  This is also why I'm not really bothering with hair tufts.  I know it would make him look furry, but I don't want him to look anything close to cuddly.  I want him to look like brushing against him will cut you.  Hence the claw-like bangs on his head.

I also decided to take a page from Stress Puppy.  Raff and the gang, I ink with a single line weight.  That and the lack of backgrounds are to emphasize the ordinary sameness of everyday life, how subtle things just escape our notice as we just move through the day.  Given that Red Riding Hood and everything else is going to use the usual line weight scheme that I use for my chibi art (slightly modified.  I use line weights to pull focus in things like Head Above Water.  I decided to draw Red's hood with the heaviest weight of all of them, one that won't appear anywhere else in a given panel.  It is her trademark, after all), it struck me that a single line weight for the Big Bad Wolf would also help separate him from the others and add to the vibe.

This, I think, has real possibilities.
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