Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Tokyo Popped!

Tokyopop USA just announced it is shutting down.  Stu Levy made the official release today.

Yup.  That was one I was wagering would sink under the Borders bankruptcy.

My heart goes out to everyone who worked for them who now finds themselves out of work in a tough economy.

Except Levy.

Sorry, but after his cute little number with the Manga Pilot years ago, I have had no sympathy for him.  In fact, I'm surprised Tokyopop survived as long as it has.  I thought it would buy the farm two years ago, and had a suspicion that the Tokyopop tour bus at Wizard World was just delaying the inevitable.

Now, the German division is still in operation to deal with TV and movie licensing.  But Tokyopop Prime is no more.

Maybe I should poke my head into the old anime forum and see if everyone is blaming the demise on Internet piracy again...nah, I'm happier without those loonies.
Tags: art, comic books, comics, destroying childhood memories, digital rights, just desserts, lord hear our prayer
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