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Yeah, That's Right, Blame Us

Miley Cyrus has been bitching about how the US apparently doesn't want her to tour there.

"I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don't know if they want me to tour or not.  Right now I just want to go to the places where I am getting the most love and Australia and South America have done that for me. Kind of going to the places where I get the most love. Don't want to go anywhere where I don't feel completely comfortable with it."

Aw, poor baby is learning that no one gives a crap about her, just a character she had to slap a wig on her head to play.

I suppose I shouldn't feel the grim satisfaction that I do.  I've never seen an episode of Hannah Montana, I've heard some songs (saw the concert movie just to see what the hype was about), it was perfectly disposable and generic.  But hey, kids like it (given that it's engineered for their listening tastes, that's not a surprise).  But when Miley started letting her fame go to her head, I started balking.  Her dad has been through this.  He's had runaway success and seen it slip through his fingers.  Given that a Disney Channel show can basically set you for life, I had hoped he take her aside and lay out the smart way to handle things because, well, he's been there.

(I will go on record as saying that Billy Ray Cyrus is a bad parent.  NO PARENT lets their nine year old daughter (Noah) wear slutty lingerie in public and sing "Tik Tok", lyrics unchanged, and act like nothing's wrong.  He enabled Miley's bad behavior, defender her doing a pole dance at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and other things as, "She's just being a kid."  Take it from someone who has seen the results of such winking a blind eye first hand -- it's a massive, massive mistake.  I'm not saying he should lock her up until she gets to college, but he certainly wasn't taking care of and teaching her at all.)

Not at all.  Cyrus started making the mistake a lot of people do, thinking that they were what everyone was interested in, not the final product.  Don't get me wrong, there are people who, you say their name, and people want to know what they are up to.  If you say, Ralph Bakshi is working on a new animation project, my ears will perk up and I'll want to know more.  But that's because Bakshi has established a reputation based on what he seeks to achieve.  Had you told me that in the early days when he was just an animator at Terrytoons, I wouldn't have really cared.

Miley never established her own identity separate from her show.  So her leap in logic occurred.  You'd think she would have figured out when sales of Can't Be Tamed flopped, she would have gotten a wake-up call.  But no.  A movie that was going to show the world that she was a major draw blipped out.  Photos of her hitting a bong.  The covert video of her giving the director of her last movie a lap dance at the wrap party (she was still underage at the time).

Kids are still out there, and they've moved on.  Now, they are flocking to someone (I don't remember her name) who made a song called "Friday" that became a hit, not because of the record company, but because of YouTube.  Miley complained in an interview it should be "tougher" to be an artist and people should work for their success.  Anyone else see the hypocrisy of someone with the Disney Machine behind her making that declaration?

In a way, I feel sorry for Miley.  She's had stratospheric success, something that millions of people with dreams of being musicians will never even get a whiff of.  When she can't recapture those days, what is she going to do?  On the one hand, I think she deserves to crash and burn.  On the other, I don't want to see that happen, I want to see her get her head on straight and still enjoy life and her success.  All I know is, whatever happens, it isn't going to be pretty.
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