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Of Me I Sing

Uh oh.  Looks like the wheels are getting ready to fall off the Scott Adams bandwagon.

IIRC, Scott Adams said, during the recent firestorm over his comments about women and how they should be pitied and tolerated, said, "And to those of you who triumphantly...crowed that I don't understand how the Internet worked, I would politely suggest that perhaps I do."

No, you don't.

Someone calling themselves PlannedChaos has been going on message boards like MetaFilter and Gawker defending Adams and insulting detractors.  Among the choice quotes -- "He has a certified genius I.Q."  (Uh, so do I.  Proves nothing other than you can take a test within a time limit.)  "Is it Adams' enormous success at self-promotion that makes you jealous and angry?"  "It's fair to say you disagree with Adams. But you can't rule out the hypothesis that you're too dumb to understand what he's saying."

Guess who just got outed at PlannedChaos?  Yes, it's Scott Adams himself.  He has not only admitted this, but did an "interview" with PlannedChaos.  What a ticket on this ego trip?  Representative quote:  "According to the wise and fair denizens of the Internet, this behavior is proof that I am a thin-skinned, troll ... ego maniac ... misogynist.  That list might sound bad to you, but keep in mind that I was starting from a pretty low base, so I think my reputation is trending up."  Ah, petulance.  Always the sign of a good man.

Given the immaturity and selfishness exhibited in Dilbert, this is not a surprise.  Although I don't do this myself (and, frankly, can't imagine doing it.  I have lots of things I'd rather do than patrol the Internet looking to "correct" people's opinions about my work), plenty of people do, either making sure everyone knows who it is (remember the discussion about "ricing out") or anonymously.  But there's a difference.  Adams is not defending his work.  He is insulting people and baiting them just to do it and disregarding any points or beliefs or feelings they may have.

He's trolling.

Here's the thing -- people don't like trolls.  This is why they stay anonymous on the Internet.  Real life trolls, like the Westborough Baptist Church, run the risk of real people beating them up.  Anonymous leaves people alone that provide not entertainment for them and can be ignored.  Same with trolls.  Creating drama is the surest way to get unwanted attention.

And the worst thing you can do then is lose your anonymity.

I have no doubt that, no matter what happens, Adams will blame the people who are just too stupid to understand his epic greatness.  The comic strip is in serious trouble now.  He'll probably just take it online where he doesn't have to worry about an advertiser base and continue to feed his crowd of sycophants.

If so, good riddance.  Come back when you can join those of us who can actually take criticism and differences of opinion without the protective shield of megalomania.
Tags: art, comics, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, important life lessons, infernal gall, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing
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