Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Start The Next Generation Without Me

The gaming sphere is abuzz with reports that Nintendo is about to unveil its new HD-enabled Wii at the Electronics Entertainment Expo this June.  It's coming.  We know it is.  Retro Studios, based out of Austin, TX (a fav studio of mine, they came up with the amazing Metro Prime trilogy) has revealed they've already gotten their dev kits and are working on a launch title.  Nintendo will pretty much have the floor to themselves, as Sony and M$ are telling everyone they will not ready any next gen systems until 2014 at the earliest.

Everyone remembers how much I wanted a Wii and how thrilled I was when I got one.  So everyone is probably figuring I want a Wii 2.

Actually, no, I don't.


Can I transfer my DLC from my Wii onto a Wii 2?  Like all those Rock Band tracks I paid for?


Then fuck it.

This is actually the reason I feared DLC for a long time, it's just I couldn't resist Rock Band, no matter how hard I tried (well, regular Rock Band.  I have no trouble not bothering with DLC for Rock Band Unplugged on my PSP).  The only other DLC I have on my Wii is Columns and the original Shinobi.  Because DLC is not transferable due to digital rights issues, I also recognize that, should something go wrong with my Wii, I have to have that particular unit fixed for whatever price they are asking.  The days of a unit breaking and you just hie yourself down to the store to get another are gone if you buy into DLC.

I now have a reason to stick with what I have instead of jumping on the next generation platform.  Give me a reason to upgrade, I'll do it.  Until then, my collection stalls out at the Wii.
Tags: art, computers, digital rights, drm, technology is a beautiful thing, video games
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