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Groth Spurt

There's a downside to chronicling your life, either online or in print or even in personal journals.  As we get older, our memories and/or our egos might change certain things about our histories and make us better than we were.  Then we see these things that prove that we weren't as awesome as we thought we were.  Like the Internet joke before it became a merchandising tagline says, The older I get, the better I was.

I have a lot of hatred (does it show?).  But, even if I hate someone, if they do right, I have to tip my hat to them.  I can't just deny or ignore them just because I don't like them.  Justice demands it.  Fairness demands it.  This is why I gave props to John Byrne for his involvement in the Michael Golden sketch fiasco.  I regard Byrne as nothing more than an ego with feet.  And yet, he did right by the guy and was amazingly classy.  My feelings didn't matter, he did something he didn't have to just to be a decent human being and show there are still good people in the world.  Rob Liefeld simply dismissing Yellow Hat Guy instead of causing a scene is another.

And now, the latest person I would rather chew glass than salute, but honesty and integrity says I have to -- Gary Groth.  I HATE Gary Groth.  He's a self-satisfied poser who thinks any comic book that isn't high art (whatever the hell that is) is worthless.  He is looking to find and promote things that prove how superior his intellect, tastes, and (most importantly) himself are.  I used to love Fantagraphics, but I dropped them when I just couldn't find anything interesting, and Groth's rants have prevented me from wanting to come back.

But Groth has come out swinging.  And against an excellent target.  Jim Shooter has recently started his own blog.  Those of us who remember the Defiant launch and how Shooter recast himself as being the creators' best friends but was railroaded by corporate politics also remember how every pro attacked his revisionist history and could back it up.  Now, Shooter is doing it again.  I've already written once on his claptrap (that he didn't write Hank Pym to be a wife beater, the artist drew the panel that way).  Now, he's doing it again.  Usually, his stories are private enough that all you really have is his word for it that that is what happened.  All you have is supposition based on what you know of how things operate.

Not this time.

Shooter has decided to write about how wonderful he is in regards to trying to get Jack Kirby's art back.

The problem?

Not only can this be checked and verified, but Groth was one of the people who spearheaded the efforts to get Marvel to return the artwork.  He did investigative reporting.  He was even addressed by Shooter during a panel on the subject.

For those of you who want an overview of the whole Kirby artwork thing, this blog post by Groth addressing Shooter's statements will fill you in on the details, not just the bullet points.  And this is what I'm talking about.  Groth has had nothing but negative things to say about mainstream comics.  And yet, here he is, because creator rights and the Truth are more important than his agenda.

Damn, I may have to respect Groth after all.  Well, maybe just a little.....
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