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I did not need to see this while trying to enjoy my morning tea.

Marvel comic characters are known for their neuroses, because it makes them more relatable to the readers.  However, these neuroses also cause problems.  There's a panel in an early X-Men comic that lots of people choose to ignore because Charles Xavier thinks to himself about how he has the hots for Jean Grey.  There are some things you are just better off not knowing.

I recently posted a gag picture of Logan's Angels, showing him and all the female characters in the Marvel Universe he's acted like a father figure to.  I want you to keep that in mind.

So, the current issue of Wolverine #8 is out.  It features Emma Frost going on a deep dive into Logan's mind.  Be warned, there is squick.  Oh, God, there is squick.  Here's the page in question....

Okay, comic book characters as sexual objects is nothing new.  What really gets me is dead center of that big panel. God...SQUIRREL GIRL?!?  The innocent of the Marvel Universe?!?  Her outfit has her completely covered from the neck down, she does NOT work her tits!  Emma Frost and Mystique?  Yeah, I can see that!  But the innocent and totally underage Squirrel Girl is a sexual fantasy?!?  And....

...oh, Jesus, please tell me that is NOT Kitty Pryde on the right in that panel....

I can no longer look at Wolverine the same way ever again.

And THIS is why I'm so glad I self-publish.  I don't have to give up any creator rights.  All it takes is one editor who thinks something is a good idea....
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