Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

For The Doctor Who Nuts....

...if there can be two Doctors running around, why can't there be two Riversongs?

...wait, was that the proto-TARDIS from The Lodger?

...could it be a younger version of Riversong in the space suit?

...Amy drinking wine.  Wait...what?

...did anyone else notice that part with the pair of feet at the top of the stairs?  Check your Tivo -- it's the scene where Amy and River are talking about how they can't reach the Doctor.  Rory comes down the stairs, if you look in the upper left of the frame, you'll see them stop.  Given how I noticed the set design of last year's first episode was full of time paradoxes, I can't shake that this wasn't intentional.  (The Doctor again?  I called that last year during the angel episode, after all). Riversong another Doctor like his "daughter?"  Or is Riversong actually a future Amy?
Tags: fandom wank
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