Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

For The Guy Who Wants To Pour Himself A Stiff One

BrewDogs is a brewery in Scotland that makes India Pale Ale.  They are making a test run of forty bottles of Royal Virility Performance, a beer made with Viagra.

Yes, you read that right.

Clearly intending to cover all the bases, the beer is also made with horny goat weed, chocolate, and other aphrodisiacs.  Three bottles is equal to one Viagra pill.  I guess this is one way of dealing with how alcohol desensitizes the body to sex.  The label features phrases like "Celebrate Big Willy style!" and "Arise Big Willy!"  Those of you who use beer cozies so no one sees you are drinking Pabst or Pearl are probably not going to want people to see you drinking this one.

BrewDogs has sent some to Prince William for his honeymoon night.  "No sex for us, thanks.  We're British."  I am actually curious if it would work.

Yes, I am looking at the header I chose for this post.  Yes, I'm wondering if there might be something seriously wrong with me.
Tags: don't try this at home, i'm such a bitch, let's talk about sex bay-bee!
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