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Their Karma Ran Over My Dogma

I was really looking forward to a slow news day.  I got shit to do, you know.

I wrote quite about about the lawsuit that send California's Proposition 8 to the scrap heap.  The state of California declined to appeal, which meant the supporters determined to keep America in the dark ages had to decide if they would appeal.  And of course, as they are simply supporters of the bill, not the actual sponsors like the gov or AG, there was the question if they could have standing to appeal in the first place.

Well, here they come now.  They want an appeal because Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is gay.

Ouch!  That facepalm actually hurt!

Lawyer Andy Pugno represents the Prop 8 supporters, and says that Vaughn, who is in a ten year and counting relationship with another man, should have recused himself from the trial.  Because of his personal relationship, Pugno says Vaughn's impartiality is open to question.  You know, by that logic, any judge who isn't single could be questioned the same way.  After all, if being in a gay relationship biases people, then so does being in a straight relationship.

This really pisses me off.  I don't like it when other people define my politics for me.  And that's what this is, the implication is that anyone who is straight will see how terrible gay marriage is.  You see this all the time -- the idea that only those who are part of what they oppose can possibly be against them.  They think only gay people support gay marriage?  Bullshit.  As far as I can determine, I'm completely straight, and I think gay people should have very right to marriage that straight people have.

My reasoning is simple --

This is not a question of gay rights.

It's a question of human rights.  It's about liberty.

A recent poll in Mississippi recently found that a slim majority of those polled would prefer banning interracial marriage (I date outside my race quite frequently, so you bet I'm biased about that).  Prenup agreements are now standard because can your really trust the person you are about to marry isn't some social climber out for half your cash (and it's not just women, men can be social climbers, too).  We are moving into a world where who you choose to be with is not the result of love, but what you can gain, either by access to it or being restricted from it.

The world is a harsh place.  Everybody here is doing the best they can, trying to make the time they are stuck here worthwhile.  And if you are lucky enough to find someone that fits you, where you are two people and one person at the same time, and you are fully aware of everything, from how society will view you to the risk of heartbreak, you should be together.

This is supposed to be a democracy.  The central tenet of democracy is that there is a set of mutually agreed upon rules (laws) so that everyone can do their thing without interfering with anyone else.  Gays getting married will have NO IMPACT on you.  You can still have straight marriages.  They will only be lessened in your feeble little minds.

This is a human issue.  Start acting like it.
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