Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Any Chance He Can Make Like The Silent Film Stars For A While?

The timeline --

Charlie Sheen gets sacked from Two And A Half Men.

Chuck Lorre says he's considering options, but both he and Warner Bros. don't want Sheen back.

Sheen starts talking during his shows and interviews that he wants to come back on the show.

Lorre confirms he's reworking Two And A Half Men.

Sheen insults Lorre, calling him a "sad silly fool," an "asshole pussy loser" and a "low rent, nut-less sociopath" and saying "no one cares about your feeble show without me."

Man.  I can't imagine why Lorre won't try to bring him back on the show.

"No one cares about your feeble show without me."  You know, some of us didn't care about the show WITH you.

I actually find this latest rant interesting because it finally explains Sheen's behavior.  Consider this passage:

"MY fans may tune in for a minute, but at the end of the day, no one cares about your feeble show without me.  Shame on you. Not even a phone call to the man that put you on the map. The man that put 500 million dollars in your pockets. You were on your way out of Warner Bros. with a buy out and a cup of cold coffee in your shaky and clammy hands. And then I walked into your office. And you created a show BASED ON MY AWESOME LIFE. I busted my a-- for 8 years to support your vision. Your dream. In turn, it is my nightmare."

This is that girl or boy you dumped in junior high, who couldn't wait to tell you how much your life was going to suck without them and things would never be the same.

Charlie pushed too far, and Lorre dumped him.  And instead of acting like, "Oh, I'm sorry, how can I make it up to you," he's continuing to act petulant.  It's the old, "You'll be sorry when I'm gone!" writ large.

Long time ago, I broke up with a girl who was hyping on me.  She said, "Things will never be the same without me!"

Unable to take it anymore, I rolled my eyes and said, God, I hope so!

She started throwing shit at me.

I just want to run into Chuck Lorre, the two of us go find a diner, and jaw for the rest of the night.....
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, i'm such a bitch, infernal gall, stupidity

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