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Kittens Don't Like That!

Aw, aren't they adorable?

This is a picture of 15 year old Laura Gibson and her friends, residents of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Gibson has cancer.

In March, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and has been being treated at the Sick Kids' Hospital.

Naturally, no one knows what to do and they are trying desperately to keep Gibson's spirits up.  Then, a brainstorm.  Let's all go to the zoo!  And this was going to be just a bundle of kicks.  They decided to go on Easter Sunday.  Gibson's mom made them Easter bunny costumes.  Well, most of them.  Gibson and her three friends, Hannah, Kirsty and Becki Nicholson got the bunny costumes.  Gibson's brother, Cameron, is a spring chicken.  So they all piled in the car, got to the zoo, put on their costumes, walked up to the ticket counter.

The manager refused to allow them in the zoo.  His reason?  Their attire was "inappropriate."  He was concerned that people walking around the zoo in bunny costumes could freak out the animals.  Zoo PR manager Rachel Goddard said, "Laura and her friends weren't denied access, simply asked to remove their costumes before going in.  There is very real evidence that humans in costume cause distress to some of the zoo animals. This is particularly the case with our chimpanzees, who get very anxious and disturbed (How about that?  Even animals get freaked out by furries!  --G).  When we have our own costumed characters onsite, we ensure they're away from the animal enclosures."

Gibson took it to her blog.  "Arrived at the zoo and went to the ticket desk where the manager said weren't allowed in due to our inappropriate attire that would scare and upset the animals and cause them 'psychological damage'. OH PUH-LEASE.  There are people with face paint and masks and we weren't allowed in wearing bunny costumes."  The group went bowling in their costumes instead.  No word on there being any Klingons in the bowling alley.  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, congratulations, you're normal.)

And I thought PeTA's "sea kittens" campaign was the dumbest animal welfare thing I'd ever heard of.
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