Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

But Enough About Me. What Do YOU Think Of Me?

Has this ever happened to you?

*  I'm helping my teacher, watching over her three year old grandniece while she tends to the baby.  The three year old (who I've involuntarily started referring to as the Munchkin) has a fascination with My Little Pony, the current series running on The Hub.  She's a lot more attentive when someone is watching with her, and since I 1) like cartoons and 2) can handle weapons-grade cute, I opted to watch with her.  This freed up my teacher, who at one point, poked her head in and commented that the character of Twilight reminds her of me, with her focus on getting things done and her occasional frustration with delays and lack of focus.  Oooooookay....

* A few of my friends have said they get extra enjoyment out of watching V For Vendetta.  They say they see so much of me in the character of V, they sometimes imagine it's me behind the mask (my teacher has said this, too, which means they're right).  Hey, it's not only a classic character, but it beats being compared to a My Little Pony.  No offense, teach....

So, has anyone else ever been told that some character in pop culture reminds someone of them?  Who was it and why?  You know, if there is any explanation (the Munchkin once called me a snowman.  No.  Fucking.  Clue.  Why).

And what the hell,  I might as well ask...are there any pop culture characters you think about and go, "That is so Peter?"
Tags: art, comic books, comics, self reflection
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