Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

If You Can't Trust Random Strangers, Who Can You Trust?

I get home from work and sit down with some tea to read the Internets, and there's a knock on my door.  I'm not expecting anyone, so who the hell can it be?

I open the door.  Standing on my porch is a guy in a nice windbreaker, khakis, carrying a clipboard, and wearing a trucker's hat (NOTE:  there's a difference between a baseball cap and a trucker's hat.  A trucker's hat  has a foamy front that makes it stand out so a logo or patch can be put there.  A baseball cap actually conforms to the shape of the head.  I know hats, goddammit).  He has an ID in a badge holder like you get at a convention or at OfficeMax.  They bear the logo, "Just Energy."

"Hi," he says, "I'm from Just Energy, and we're a natural gas supplier who could save you money.  I can show you by comparing your current gas bill.  I'll just wait here while you go get it."

Literally.  No name.  Never heard of Just Energy, and he wants to see my bill, and apparently thinks I see nothing wrong with a complete stranger asking for such information, I'll be so glad he might be able to save me money, I've got to give him stuff.  I've already had my identity stolen once (years ago, before all the current wonderful protections in place now), and I'm not anxious to repeat that tour of duty.

I simply did my usual rude, "No," and slammed the door on him.  Maybe he was legit, but I had no way of checking on that.  No business card, he didn't even tell me to check the Internet.  Just pops up there and can I see your bill?

My parents in Florida will tease me that I'm too paranoid about personal information.  So why is it that they always have me order stuff online for them through my Linux computer instead of my sister with her Windows computer?

Addendum:  just heard back from the fuzz.  They say there are no permits for a company calling itself "Just Energy" to canvas the neighborhood and a BOLO has been issued.
Tags: computers, did not do the research, don't try this at home, duh, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing, wtf
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