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When Titans Clash

Erik Larsen is a huge Obama supporter.  He did a cover of The Savage Dragon endorsing Obama for President (Rob Liefeld is his political opposite.  Jesus, I never want to be at a convention if they are there at the same time).  This was about the time Marvel did a cover of The Amazing Spider-Man with Obama that had IIRC six different printings.  Larsen bitched on forums about how Marvel was getting all that press when he was the first with an Obama honoring cover.  Hmmm...maybe I should do a Sound Waves cover endorsing me for President.  I can guarantee no one else will have one of those.

Anyway, Larsen also did a variant cover of an issue of Savage Dragon with Obama punching out Osama bin Laden.  Check it out:

Last week, this book was selling for a buck, it cost more to ship it than to buy the comic itself.  This week?  Bids averaging out at about $73.

Well, in the spirit of entrepanuerioship, Larsen is on eBay, selling his own copy.  Well, one of them.  If he's like me, he has more than one personal copy of stuff he does (I personally have ten issues of every Sound Waves comic I make.  Don't ask me why, I just do).  Here's what the listing on eBay says:

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING!! YOU ARE BIDDING on Savage Dragon #145!! Hey, why be ripped off by some anonymous eBay huckster who managed to pick up a copy of this book at San Francisco's WonderCon when you can be ripped off by Erik Larsen directly? Cut out the middle man, boys and girls! As you can see--this Cover features President Barack Obama punching Osama Bin Laden square in the head and reads "Obama vs Osama." THIS COMIC IS IN NM CONDITION, HAS NEVER BEEN READ, LIMITED TO ONLY 1500 COPIES & can be SIGNED BY ERIK LARSEN HIMSELF, no sweat!! DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN THE GREATEST COMIC BOOK OF ALL TIME! SINCE MANY OF YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO FIND THIS IN STORES THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE! IT'S MORE RARE THAN Amazing Spider-Man #583 by a long shot, AND WAS ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU ATTENDED WONDERCON IN SAN FRANCISCO!!

"THIS COMIC...HAS NEVER BEEN READ"  Jesus, Larsen, do you have to make it THAT easy for us to make cheap jokes?!?

When Larsen does something stupid, it really pisses you off.  But when he does something really funny, you can't help but love the guy.
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