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The School Of Life Is In Session Again

Phoebe Prince, I am so sorry.

Longtime readers remember me writing quite extensively on Prince, a 15 year old student at South Hadley, Massachusetts.  She started dating a couple of guys that other girls wanted, and a concerted effort at bullying Prince began.  It continued to escalate until January 14, 2010.  Prince was yelled at in the school library and again as school let out.  She walked home crying, one student leaning out of his car and tossing an empty drink can at her.  Prince got home, and at 4:55PM, hung herself.

Since then, school officials have tried to cover their asses, saying that they took steps to stop the bullying once they were made aware of it.  This despite bullying not only continuing to occur, but one student who told a news crew that it hadn't stopped was slammed against a locker.  Massachusetts prosecutors decided to step in and announced criminal charges against six of the bullies.

Three of them entered plea deals.

On Friday, two more did.

Prince family dropped charges against the sixth.

None of them are paying for their crime.

All five got probation, no jail time.  Conditions include prohibitions on contacting Prince's family for three months, no profiting from the case for a year, and community service with at-risk or underprivileged youth.

Yeah.  That'll teach them.

David Sulivan is the DA for the Northwestern District, and said, "The defendants in these five cases have accepted responsibility for their actions and admitted that they engaged in criminal conduct toward Phoebe Prince in the weeks, days and hours before she took her life.  This signifies that bullying and harassment will not be tolerated in our schools; and when it rises to the level of criminal conduct, as it did in these five cases, those responsible will be prosecuted."

I just want the Establishment to shut up.  Just shut up and admit they don't really care.  If you can't be what you're supposed to be, at least be honest.

Phoebe Prince, please rest in peace.
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