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The Doctor Is Out

There's a reason us longtime comic readers don't trust Jim Shooter.  Just the last posts I've made about him proclaiming himself blameless for major fuck-ups in comic history (Hank Pym being a wife beater, the Kirby art clusterfuck), claiming Valiant was trying to shaft him for moving Doctor Solar and the like to Dark Horse while they violated his human rights, all that shit.  Shooter is never at fault, there's always an excuse for his behavior, and anyone that says otherwise is out to get him and a rotten human being.  Kind of reminds me of dealing with my sister.

When the Gold Key line-up went to Dark Horse, there were threats of lawsuits and stories about how Shooter unfairly played Valiant to score the deal.  Dark Horse paid a lot of money, not just for the Gold Key license, but also to Shooter to write and helm things.  Old Valiant fans (I'm not among them, I have most of the Valiant comics because I had a chance to write for Acclaim when they wanted to relaunch Valiant and I found nearly complete runs of all their titles in the quarter boxes) were enthusiastic about seeing these tentpoles of their happy days again.  Others of us weren't sure.  Since he left Valiant the first time, Shooter's projects tend to fizzle out after about a year.  Defiant crashed and burned after about a year.  Broadway didn't make it a year.  And here he was, getting on the merry-go-round again.

Ride's over.

Doctor Solar, Magnus Robot Fighter, and Turok Son Of Stone have just gotten dropped.  What happened?  Good question.  Longtime Shooter partner Janet Jackson (no, not the singer) posted her explanation --

Unfortunately, Dark Horse has cancelled the books. They are doing a few more, I think to finish out enough issue to do trade PB, but because of the high price of the license from Classic Media, dropping sales figures as well as increasing interference from Classic Media into the content of the comics, Dark Horse decided to drop the books. They still like Jim and want to work with him on some things. He's still very disappointed. But Classic Media is asking too much for too little and they've caused problems as well.

I'm so sorry to have to tell you. Or to even have to say it. It's very disappointing. I was really loving the stories.

I would like to point out that Shooter is totally not at fault in the above explanation.  I point it out because Dark Horse is saying there were never any problems with Classic Media.  Dark Horse has been doing licensed properties since the B&W days with Aliens.  They know how to handle these things.

On Babylon 5, the Minbari don't lie, they just don't tell the complete truth.  Why am I thinking about THAT all of a sudden?
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