Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

This Is All Richard's (as in Johnston) Fault! Richard's!!!

Nope, this still isn't over.

I have long said you judge a man by his enemies rather than his friends.  Anyone can get along when things are good.  But what is it that makes people decide they can't live and let live anymore?  Those circumstances and the people behind it tell you plenty.


Today, we have an exception to the rule.

Remember how Rob Granito was offering to do interviews about the whole hubbub about him ripping off other artists?

Well, Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool, who broke and popularized the story, was negotiating with Alison G (a.k.a. Granito's agent/wife) to do an interview for Bleeding Cool.  He had actually talked her down to $200 for the interview.  Then, suddenly, no contact.  Johnston eventually found out what happened.  Alison told him that she was warned that Johnston was out to destroy her husband's career (what career? -- G) just like Johnston had this guy's.  Who is the mystery man claiming Johnston has a vendetta against him and has been sabotaging his career since?

Our old buddy Josh Hoopes.

Alison is now saying that she is readying a free interview that will be released to all the "fair" comic sites (read that:  churnalism like CBR and CBG) to make sure the truth gets out.

So, apparently, Hoopes is now Granito's new friend.  These two truly deserve each other.  Do I hope that Hoopes gets Granito to do some art for him?

Which also means 1) Johnston has two archenemies and 2) they are teaming up.  I wait with baited breath for Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver to come to Johnston's side in his hour of need....
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