Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Guess Who? Aw, Do I Have To?

It's the story that shook the entertainment world.

An A-list celebrity has given someone herpes.

And everyone wants to know who it is.

Well, most everyone.  I admit to being curious who it is myself.  See, the lawsuit was filed anonymously.  So who the celebrity is and who the litigator is is unknown.  All we know is the celebrity is male, it happened during a one-night stand in Vegas, and there's apparently incriminating video -- "they could relive the magic over -- and over -- again", according to the complaint.

Now, this report first popped up a few days ago.  It's truly a blind item.  I mean, there's no information there, so I read it, thought, Okay, and moved on.  This could have been completely manufactured.  I mean, there's no identification at all, it could be some random lawsuit and the "A lister" could be some DTV actor for all we know.  This could be a shakedown, nothing really happened but this person is threatening to ruin the celebrity's life unless he coughs up.  We don't know anything.  Even the disease, herpes, which can be and is hidden.  Maybe the person is hiding it.  Maybe the person doesn't have it but absence of proof is not proof.

The person admits that they are after money.  Supposedly, they were offered a certain amount to keep it quiet, but the litigator felt it wasn't enough.  Once again, tough to side one way or the other in the dark like this.

That, however, has not stopped the speculation (which is somewhat fun) or the wave.  With the claim of a video tape, people are pouring out to make offers.  Homemade sex tapes have become big business.  The biggest selling porn title the year it came out was Paris Hilton's.  Kim Kardasian rode the fame of her homemade sex tape.  Screech from Saved By The Bell saw one of his get released.  So, naturally, people have contacted the litigator's attorney, Keith Davidson, with offers.  Well, supposedly, we only have Davidson's word on this also, so if it's just a shakedown attempt, this could be part of it.  A couple of sites are offering over $1 mil.  And a niche site is offering plenty because they want to sell it to bug chasers (note for the mundanes:  a bug chaser is someone who knowingly pursues people who are infected with a disease for whatever reason).

This is all the information.  Literally.  But every day, two or three more web sites are writing about it, the same information, nothing new coming to the table.  I refuse to be caught up until something more solid surfaces.  If whoever it is settles with an NDA, we'll never know anything anyway.  Given that Indiana just said cops can illegally enter your home, I think there are more important things to worry about than this.

So wake me when specifics hit.  Until then, I'm going back to bed.
Tags: art, did not do the research, don't try this at home, haven't we suffered enough, let's talk about sex bay-bee!, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing
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