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Shocker Toys Can Shove It

Geoff Beckett.

Let me, in fact, bold, italicize, underline and increase the font on that for you.

Geoff Beckett.

It's important for you t know that name if you are going to try working in the comic book field.

Beckett is the head of Shocker Toys.  Beckett has quite an interesting history, but we are going to focus on the most recent item.  Remember how I posted about Tony Robles, the guy was working with Unscrewed to get money owed to him and wrote about it on his blog?

Beckett's response to this was to contact the domain server for Robles blog and try to get it taken down.

"Defaming and libel actions by a work for hire who has used your servers to attack our credibility and cause our business harm through his fictional comments. He has also threatened to sue us commented on the this same blog post while defaming us and restricting our trade while not discussing any terms with us or our council. He is also using the protected names of the TIA for the "Toy Fair" show and San Diego Comic Con's protected names in the same blog. This is unprofessional and if needed to be handled in court should not be plastered on a website to cause more harm to both parties therefore it only is right to have it removed."

The domain server told him to pound sand.  Thank you for understanding digital rights.

So, if you are approached by Geoff Beckett for work, you are advised to run for the hills with shotgun in tow, and send an assfull of lead at anyone that follows.

And everybody?  I would also suggest not buying shit from Shocker Toys from now on.

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