Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

I'm Back. What Did I Miss?

It's a beautiful morning.

Which means the Rapture didn't hit and I'm still stuck here.  Shit.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Mandatory overtime at work, resulting in 12.5 hour days and no time for anything else.  I just barely had time to read the Internets while eating turkey sandwiches before bed (Peter G's Rule For Overtime #1 -- Anything that takes longer to make than it does to eat is not worth the effort).

I'll be catching up with the f-list and such in a little bit.  With a three day weekend coming up, I'm hopeful everyone is far enough ahead I don't get mandatoried again, but I won't be surprised (what's the point of a day off if you have to work doubly hard for several days when it would be easier to just come in that day?).  But for a little bit, at least, I'm back.

The bright side to my f-list?  No one posts as much as me, so I shouldn't have a problem catching up on what's happening with you all.  ;-)
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, religion, self reflection
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