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Start The Rebellion Without Me

Apparently, Disneyland and Disneyworld have something called Star Tours.  Not sure what it is, and frankly, I'm in no rush to find out.  I'm only going to have time for one theme park when I go to Florida, and Harry Potter beats the shit out of Disney.  Anyway, Disney is redoing Star Tours.  Last year, they filed some patents.  Those patents have surfaced on the Intertubes.

From the looks of things, Star Tours is basically a giant room with seating, tilt mechanisms, and displays.  It lets you experience something like spaceflight (well, sort of.  Disney has great engineers, but zero G ain't happening).  Lots of theme parks, including Great America in my backyard, have something like this.  What makes them different is what the ride will entail.

Well, according to the plans, the new rides will let you choose a multiseater X Wing Fighter (I know, I know, I know....) or a multiseater TIE Fighter (see previous).  Each seat will have a gun and the two sides can dogfight to see who wins.

Yeah.  I've forgotten about Unreal Tournament already.

There's also plans for something approximating the Death Star trench run.  If it was the Return Of The Jedi with you seeing the Death Star's structure, THEN I might be interested.

This brings back memories of Galaxian 3Galaxian 3 was billed as "the world's biggest arcade game".  There was actually a theater of sorts set up for it.  Two huge projection screens were on the far end and a Bose sound system that was credited on the title screen was spaced around there.  A counter with six (surprisingly comfortable) seats was there, and each seat had a surface-mounted light gun on the counter in front of it.  You paid your money ($2 to play.  At the time, that was outrageous.  Now, it's typical) and the game started.  It was more like a shooting gallery -- you and the other players didn't fly a ship, the ship moved through the environment and you shot things that appeared on screen (what they call "on rails").  Typical game lasted about four to five minutes before everyone was zapped out.  Never saw any crew get further than halfway through the second level.  Long story short -- Star Tours 2 sounds suspiciously like a rebranded Galaxian 3, which wasn't that great to begin with.

Don't mind me, I'm just a wet blanket.  I can think of at least one person who will read this post and will probably wet himself.
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