Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

More Wonder Woman Rambling

Well, apparently, the Wonder Woman pilot does eventually feature Adrianne Palicki in the star spangled swimsuit.  This pic from the shoot got tweeted:

I think the guy on the left is the stunt coordinator.  He appears in a few other pictures during action scene shoots.

Some people are complaining about how the star spangled swimsuit looks like something you'd see at ComiCon instead of TV or movie quality.  Uh, superhero costumes look naturally dopey.  Things that work in one medium don't necessarily translate to other media.  The Sailor Moon live action show is a good example.  The anime, I watch and groove to.  The live action?  I become acutely aware how absurd the whole set up is.  There's a reason the upcoming Green Lantern movie has Hal Jordan's costume as a complete digital effect.  Just saying you shouldn't expect miracles.  Some are fine (the Roger Corman Fantastic Four, I thought the outfits worked well.  Certainly better than the ones in the big budget movie), some need work.

I think the bigger problem is the one I stated from the beginning -- Palicki does not look mature enough to be Wonder Woman.  She looks more like a Wonder Girl.

As soon as I hear anything about a possible broadcast of the pilot, I'll post here.  But I think it will be something you  MST3K instead of getting into the story.
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