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Reminder: My Next Public Appearance Is One Week From Today At The Kankakee Fantasy Con!

It's time to kick this derp into overdrive!

Just a reminder that next week is my next public appearance where I try to sell my stuff and build my audience.  I will be at the Kankakee Fantasy Con held at the Kankakee Public Library at 201 East Merchant Street.

The show starts at 1000AM and ends at 0500PM, and it's going to be just huge.  The guest list is like a who's who of local talent (and frankly, it intimidates the fuck out of me).  Although no Russell Lissau.  That's going to feel strange.

I already expect things to go well.  All I have to do is sell one book and I've made table!

The printer came through in spades.  So, if you stop by the table of the humble Polish manga-ka, here's what you will find:

Complete runs of Sound Waves (1-7 and the Christmas special)

Complete runs of Head Above Water

Stress Puppy - The Rise Of Holly graphic novel

Hannah Singer -- Celestial Advocate (I just counted.  I have approximately 42 copies.  God, that's awesome!)

Cloudburst, the computer game I made.  I'll also have Kylie with me, so you can try it before you buy it

Copies of Lightning Strike, the bullet hell shooter that I made.  Sorry, that one doesn't run on Kylie, but you'll get the idea from the pictures

I'll also do my usual putting out copies of other stuff I've done just to make my penis look bigger give a shout out to other people and publishers I've worked with, such as The Supremacy #1, the Morbid Myths Halloween Special 2007, and Video Game Trader magazine.

Plus, I'll have my artwork for Red Riding Hood with me to work on during slow parts.  If you want a preview of the mayhem that is coming, here's your chance.

What if you don't want to see me (not an unreasonable question, given how small my readership is)?  Plenty more to do.  The Illinois Paranormal Society will be there (Tony Hubert, the head of it, is letting me use his table.  Without him, I wouldn't be there, so sending him lots of love), as well as Rob Fabiani of the Paranormal Cops.  Charlie Adlard, creator of The Walking Dead, will be there via the Internet to talk about the show and comic.  Among the names are Dan Dougherty, Doug Klauba, Tony Akins, Tony Maldonado, Chris Mitten, Aaron Shaps, Stephen Bryant, my old friend Franchesco!, Tom Gianni, Paul Mounts, Dave Ulanski, Paul Storrie, Josh Blaylock, Rafael Nieves, Gene Ha (newly exclusive with DC), Mike Kleen, Tim Seeley, John Everson, Daron Jensen, Josh Elder, and Nate Powell.

Vendors!  There'll be vendors!  DarlingClandestine!  Hooptopia!  Amazing Fantasy!  Moonstone!  Lolita Clothing!  Comic dealer Roger Webb!  Horrorbles!  Gamezilla!  Dragon's Refuge!  Bring cash and lots of it!

Wish me luck, and I'll report in on what happens.  Hope to see you there!
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