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I hate overtime.  It gives me no time to work on my art, my writing, or to post to LJ (although I imagine the f-lists of those following me are sighing with relief).  So I wanted to only write up about something if it really demanded it.

We have a winner.

DC's whole Flashpoint miniseries will be wrapping up before we know it (or definitely before I know it).  DC has been teasing that this will trigger big changes in the DC Universe.  How big?

How about rebooting every title?

Apparently, making the books #1's wasn't just a publicity stunt.  52 comics will restart their numbering at #1 with a whole new DCU.  (This makes how many #1's for Supergirl?  Just asking.)  You know, just like Final Crisis was supposed to do.  Just like Infinite Crisis was supposed to do.  Just like Zero Hour was supposed to do.  Just like the original Crisis was supposed to do.  Thank God I don't buy many DC titles.  I'm guessing Power Girl is toast.  I guess this is one way to tell everyone who remembers stories from years ago to shut up about continuity, although whether it will be new reader accessible, I don't know.

Among the things being talked about is the possibility of Superman and Wonder Woman hooking up.  I'm not sure that will happen, just because of the movie being made.  Although considering Lois Lane never did figure out Superman and Clark Kent were the same person, maaaaaaaybe Supes just thought she was too stupid.  I know I sure did.  No one posting on boards has mentioned Mallrats yet, including one board Kevin Smith himself hangs out on.  All I know is, please, let them spare Lori Lemaris.  Supergirl is handled so inconsistently, it doesn't matter.  But please not Lemaris (I was thankful it was implied she was spared from the Blackest Night).

What do I think is going to happen?

After a few years?  Nothing.

One of the things I hate about new spins is how quickly they turn into the old spin.  Smallville was supposed to be a different take on Superman.  Instead, they brought in everything from the DCU and turned it into another DCU with only a few basic differences.  Other than that, it was the same.  Supergirl -- Cosmic Adventures In The Eighth Grade started off strong, but quickly turned into bringing in as much of the Supergirl mythos as possible (Comet, Streaky, the Legion, etc.) at the cost of the story, making you wonder why they bothered to make it different in the first place.  It didn't take them long to start undoing the first Crisis.  John Byrne relaunched Superman and Wonder Woman.  Those soon went back to the status quo.  Even the main Superman title gets itself rebooted every few years just to launch a new storyline that winds up bringing back everything the reboot got rid of.

This is why I'm not doing a Snap Judgment on this.  If you don't like Flashpost, as they are calling it, give it a little time.  It'll be the old DCU you knew and loved before too long.  Or one of them, anyway....
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