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Nothing Better Shows My Taste Than What I Wear Below My Waist! Hey, Pants!

In the movie Independence Day, Nimziki explains why the President was never told about Area 51 -- "Two words, Mister President -- plausible deniability."  In other words, the most important thing is not just to deny anything shady going on, but to be believed when you deny anything shady is going on.  Good examples include Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.  Bad examples include Richard Nixon.  In summary, you have to be trusted by the people you lie to.

Nowhere is plausible deniability tougher to engineer than the comic book industry.  This is a medium that has spent most of its existence appealing to the baser elements of human nature.  Cutesy kids (Sugar And Spike), crime and horror (the EC line-up), adolescent male power fantasies (just about everything nowadays), and sex sex sex sex sex (do I really need to list examples of this?).  Comics owe their very audiences, their very existence, to such antics.  The Comics Code Authority was never to give them an air of respectability, it was a way to shut down competition and keep Congress off their backs.  Code-approved books continued to feature women in exploitive situations (Wonder Woman), rape (Immortius' son), cold blooded murder (an issue of X-Factor had the blood colored orange instead of red as it splattered across the room and down a television set), and more.  But they could say, Oh, no, we aren't pushing any limits.  See?  It's CODE APPROVED!

But after getting away with this -- nay, celebrating this for so long, now they're trying to stuff the genie back in the bottle.  DC announced that its heroines had to be a little bit better dressed.  Skintight spray painted on looks were fine (Catwoman), but there were concerns about costumes that could show panties, showed lots of leg, and, as Morris Day said in the movie The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane, "You have to shave before you put it on.  And I don't mean your legs."

Preliminary art has started getting out.  We see Wonder Woman with leggings.  Black Canary is wearing fishnets over her leggings.  Folks, I don't get fishnets, they don't do a thing for me, but even I know how incongruous that looks.  Now, Zatana gets the treatment.  Zatana's costume is the standard magician's assistant get-up.  Now, she wears leggings and has fishnets on her arms.

And, as usual, everyone is missing The Big Picture.

There's practically no difference in the looks other than the legs, instead of being flesh colored, are now whatever colored.  They still have every bit of their anatomy lovingly or uncomfortably rendered, depending on your point of view (I remember an issue from the post-Zero Hour Legion where a view from behind XS showed her gluteal anatomy was rendered a little too well and made me feel like a creep for looking at it).  The women still have super long legs, small waists crushing their internal organs into their chest cavities, and chesticles.

(I'm guessing this means Power Girl is going back to her third costume, with the diamond cutout that showed 100% of her cleavage.  That is what everyone associates her with now, as Keith Giffen hilariously pointed out in Ambush Bug Year None.  Amanda Connor's run show Power Girl shaving her legs with her heat vision.  Based on what her current costume reveals, Power Girl has to be extraordinarily limber.)

It's kind of hard to believe that anyone thinks this is a real step forward in presenting female characters as something more than fap material.  They have said nothing, though, about the tits, and the cover for Catwoman #1 shows her reclining with her outfit unzipped enough.  Sorry, DC, if you want to convince people you aren't objectifying women, you have to do better than that.
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