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Action 52

Okay, everything is out there, all the announced titles and creative teams for the DC relaunch that's coming.  So, who do we see?

Still yet another Aquaman #1.  Four different Green Lantern books that DC is saying won't be that affected by the relaunch.  Ten books set in the Batman section of DCU.  Three books written by Scott Lobdell (Teen Titans, Superboy, and Red Hood And The Outlaws).  Rob Liefeld on art chores for Hawk And DoveBirds Of Prey written by someone who is NOT Gail Simone.  George Perez on SupermanSgt. Rock and All Star Western, the last written by Jimmy Palmiotti.  Keith Giffen drawing OMAC instead of writing it, the writer is Dan Didio.  Paul Levitz writing Legion Of Superheroes again.

Who don't we see?

Power Girl.  I was figuring her book was toast even before Amanda Connor left.  In fact, the only reason I think it was handed off to Judd Winick and still around was it explored her part in the Justice League Generation Lost maxi-series.  Without it, it would have been over by #10 (where's that indie title Connor and her husband Palmiotti supposedly left Power Girl to work on?  Just asking).  Also, JSA is gone.  Stephanie Brown went down.  No Shazam titles.  Secret Six has been deep six'ed.

Who don't we see as far as creators go?

Jamal Igle (Supergirl) is notably absent.  Amanda Connor isn't there, either, although Palmiotti is.  Hmm.  Phil Jiminez.  Tom DeFalco.  Andy Kubert.  Phil Hester.  Howard Chaykin.  Mike Grell.  JG Jones.  Gene Ha (who recently went DC exclusive).  Billy Tucci.  Ron Frenz.  Jerry Ordway.  And plenty more, those are just the ones that jumped out at me.

It's not any safer out of the trenches, folks.  It just means there's further to fall.
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