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Dear Jim Lee and Dan Didio,

Enclosed is the concept art, three completed scripts, and the general overview for the relaunch of Sound Waves.  I agree with you that, after just two years and eight issues, things have gotten a bit out of hand and really need to be corrected.  I mean, building on previous stories is really limiting what I can do with these characters, but rather than create something new that stands on its own, a relaunch is best, as it incorporates the pre-existing audience with those looking for something dynamic and new.

You will notice, from the concept art, that Rhapsody and Melody are not drawn like they are fourteen anymore.  Don't worry, their bodies will make everyone think they are legal even if the faces don't (which means we should be able to get Art Adams to do a cover for us.  See example image at right).  Sure, some fans will be lost because they might, for some unknown reason, think this is "creepy".  But the number of fans the series will gain as well as the attention of the press and fans will more than make up for it.  To keep fans from registering shock from conflicting art styles on the cover of the book and the inside, I suggest Adams do the covers and HitmanN do the interiors, since he's also big on the "But they're totally adults!" art style.  Besides, it's not like anyone else is hiring him, and he makes Rob Liefeld's anatomy look good in comparison.

The new direction of the stories will get people talking.  It will be set on a different Earth than the one the DCnu takes place in.  Humans and merpeople share the world and are aware of each other's existence.  Some humans are invited to live among the merpeople like exchange students.  Rhapsody is one such lucky human attending a merperson university.  What no one realizes is that she doesn't need the undersea gear that other humans do.  Because she can sing like the merpeople, she can actually survive underwater without it.  She keeps it secret, then discovers that is the best thing to do.  The merpeople actually have sinister designs for humans, and think that they can't be observed or discovered because humans can't go where they can.  Rhapsody becomes a sort of covert spy to save her people.

Melody is a princess of the merpeople king, and initially regards Rhapsody as she does all humans.  But Melody changes her mind when she and Rhapsody start to develop feelings for each other.  Lesbians are just soooooooo hot.  This is going to make us totally cutting edge.  I recognize, since this takes place underwater, that the two of them seeing each other nude in the shower and weakening from their passion can't happen, but there's other ways to kickstart a sexual vibe we can exploit, I'm not worried about it.

Or do you really think the 257th relaunch of Aquaman is going to outsell this?  You could have Arthur Curry acting as a roadie for Jabberjaw and the Neptunes and no one would care.

If you are concerned about how this will fit with the new directives on modesty, let me reassure you everything is set.  Melody may be nude from the waist down, but the mermaid tail provides a convenient dodge.  Rhapsody's dress will retain its length to conform to editorial directives while being suggested as being made of a flimsier material that enables things to be seen easier through it and making it more clingy.  I'm glad you got rid of the Comics Code Authority, we need room on the cover for the Pedobear Seal Of Approval.

The important thing (aside from the lesbianism) is that it takes place on a different Earth.  The merpeople do have access to magic.  This enables them to travel great distances and even entire realms.  This will be important in a few years when you want to redo the DC Universe again, because the characters can be the trigger for all the worlds risking merging into one and what will and won't survive.  From the standpoint of creating an event every few years, Sound Waves now has the potential to keep that lucrative area going without resorting to anything lame like the Superboy punch.

I haven't worked out an actual storyline yet.  I figure we'll just see what people react to and we'll build something around that.  Hey, it worked for Lost.  And anyone who complains about continuity, they'll eventually leave, and all that will be left is the readers who are there for the lesbianism.

I'm truly excited for the opportunity you are giving me to leave the all-ages kiddie stuff behind and work on things intended for adults.  I think we have an excellent chance of succeeding where other titles have failed.  I'm currently negotiating to get Traci Lords as a booth babe at C2E2 next year.


Or not.

Really.  Whatever.
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