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Told You I Love You, Now Get Out

Michigan, land of automakers, unions, high unemployment, and RoboCop, is heavily Democratic.  R's have tried making inroads by exploiting the floundering economy for years and haven't been able to.  With election year coming up again, they decided to try a little something to shock people into awareness.

The conservative group Americans For Prosperity decided to canvas the Delray district of Michigan.  The fliers they used?  You can't see them in this picture, but here's what it says at the top in big, bold letters -- "EVICTION NOTICE."

What's that?  A political action group attempted to drum up support with an ill-conceived campaign and finds it blowing up in their faces?  Aw, shit!  Say it ain't so!

Scott Hagerstrom, the state director for Americans For Prosperity, defended their actions, saying it was just a wake-up call.  He seems to have forgotten all the problems with banks suddenly deciding to foreclose on houses with little provocation or even proof (my recent post about Bank Of America, for example).  Anyone who didn't think this would stir up confusion, chaos, and some very real shit is not living in what is generally known as Reality.

I love politicians who claim to understand us and know what's best for us.  Can you provide some proof to back up your assertion, please?


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Jun. 13th, 2011 12:38 am (UTC)
If the flyer had just said "NOTICE" at the top, and then details of how the Democrats are making it impossible for Detroit to keep from collapsing, that would be fine. Adding the word "EVICTION" was a big mistake. You are going to give people a near heart attack until they read further at which point they are just going to be pissed and that feeling is going to be directed at the person or persons whose name can be found at the bottom of the flyer.

Now, if they put "EVICTION NOTICE" at the top, and told of examples of where the Democrats are pocketing taxpayer money, and signed at the bottom "Thank You, Democrats for the Destruction of Detroit" without any mention of the Republican party on the flyer, the anger may just turn to the people they had wanted the anger turned to to begin with.
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