Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Got Myself A Crying, Walking, Sleeping, Talking Living Doll

The gift for the man who has everything. is taking that old capitalist maxim, "Find a need and fill it," to the extreme.  They've done dolls (they're not "action figures," they're DOLLS, GODDAMMIT!!!) like Rambama, a mash-up of Rambo and Obama, released in the days after Osama bin Laden and his little house party broke up (Jesus, I don't believe I just wrote that).  They've also done dolls of Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney dressed like commandos.

Here's their newest creation.  Those of you with sarcastic twists of mind have already guessed who this is supposed to be.  This is the Rep. Anthony Weiner doll.  There is the standard $39.95 version, and an anatomically correct version for $49.95.  Well, Weiner did do the research for them.  No, I don't know which version is pictured here.  Hell no, do you THINK I want to know which version is pictured here?

Well, this is apparently going viral.  So many people went to the HeroBuilders site, it's crashed.

Now, here's a question that will depress you -- and remember, death is not an option -- which number is higher, the number of people trying to access the site, or the number of people who voted in the election?
Tags: don't try this at home, i'm such a bitch, let's talk about sex bay-bee!, politics, technology is a beautiful thing, this ought to be interesting
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