Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

There Are Times When Paranoia Is Just Smart Thinking

McDonald's is trying to weather a shitstorm.

What started it?  The picture below....

This picture is a hoax.  I can prove it three ways:  1) Any place that put up a sign like this would have national news crews covering it and cable news talking heads ranting about it.  2)  This picture actually originated on 4chan, the image board where the only consideration is how poor taste something is (like rewriting songs to celebrate the Holocaust).  It first appeared there in 2009, this exact picture.  3)  The phone number at the bottom is actually for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I know McDonald's workers don't have the best reputation in the smarts department, but no one there is THAT fucking dumb.

The picture, however, went viral.  People have been Tweeting it with, "Seriously McDonalds" as the subject header.  When it started, McDonald's gave a lengthy response about how the picture is phony, they support diversity, and so on.  Yesterday, they went with a simple, "That picture is a hoax."  Curiously, that direct statement is having more of an impact in stopping the complaints than the PR release did.

There are a lot of people out there that do not know there is a seamy underbelly to the Internet, where causing disruption and offense is the name of the game.  They see something like this and figure it's true because they believe the world is biased against them.

Where do they get these ideas?

Probably from things like this....

On last Friday's installment of the Faux News show "Follow The Money," host Eric Bolling referred to the White House as "Hizzouse" and "Hizzy,"  He also referred to Obama's guests in the White House, such as Gabon President Ali Bongo, as "hoods".  On Monday, Bolling issued the following non-apology:  "We did go a bit too far.  We got a little fast and loose with the language and we know it's being interpreted as disrespectful, and for that I'm sorry."  Uh, it's not be interpreted as disrespectful, it IS disrespectful, asshole!  I love that "being interpreted as disrespectful," like there are other interpretations and the viewers just picked the wrong one.

It's because of people like this that race relations, gender relations, religious relations, ANY relations, are so strained, because there are groups of people who see nothing wrong with acting like dipshits and if you don't like it, it's your fault, not theirs'.  I get the feeling we'll be seeing real world fallout from more hoaxes like the McDonald's one for a looooooooong time.
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