Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Lights Out

Green Lantern has pulled in about $52 mil this weekend.

You might think that's pretty good.

It's actually the lowest of the openings for comic book movies this summer.  Thor took in $65 mil and X-Men First Class took in $55 mil.

The tale of the tape is the Friday versus Saturday numbers.  Friday night, Green Lantern pulled in almost $22 mil.  But there was a percentage drop for Saturday.  Usually, movies do better on Saturday than Friday because people are off.  The fact that Green Lantern lost viewers is a bad sign.

All they can hope is that the movie has legs.  Monday's haul will tell the tale.  If the numbers stabilize, then Green Lantern will be bragged about.  If not, it goes on the pile with Watchmen, a movie with great expectations and a huge fan following that went splat.

On the bright side, it will free up Ryan Reynolds to make the Deadpool movie.  (Holding out hope that Selena Gomez puts in an appearance as Squirrel Girl.)
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