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DC Invades The Lone Star State. No One Really Seems To Notice.

So, next stop for the DC barnstorming tour is Baltimore on Thursday.

You know, these things aren't getting any better.

I say this because DC Veep of Sales Bob Wayne (a native of Texas) spent some time answering questions that were asked in Burbank on Friday.  You know, instead of immediately there.  Why do all these companies need time to consult with PR people instead of answering questions?

Especially when the answers aren't very satisfying.  DC made sure to mention that, after being hammered during Brightest Day for getting rid of their minority characters, that the relaunch line-up will be their most ethnically diverse line-up ever.  You know, like Voodoo, a black stripper with super powers.  This is progress?

In fact, when it comes to minority characters, some of the best known names (Steel, Black Lightning, anyone else from Milestone) are missing in action.  Wayne did mention that the Stephanie and Cassandra Batgirls, as well as Donna Troy, are not gone, they've just been back burnered for a while.

Ad campaigns include TV and movie theaters.  You know, just in time for Marvel's Captain America movie.  GG.

All series will do six issue story arcs with an option to continue.  Oh, this is going to be a disaster.

Batman 2099 Beyond, Superman 2099 Beyond, and Justice League 2099 Beyond are confirmed.  Amanda Conner, James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Phil Jimenez, and Scott Kolins are all working on new DC titles that may see release sooner than we think.  Dan Didio emphasized he wants strong sales across the board and if a book flounders or the creative staff can't meet deadlines ($5 on Rob Liefeld's Hawk And Dove.  And to those of you telling me OMAC, I will remind you Didio himself is writing that one.  There's an old Polish proverb that says, "It's good to be the king"), he will bring out the axe.

Further reports as developments warrant.
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