Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Cloudburst Status Report -- Weekend #7

The white flag is out!  This is the final lap!

I'm actually getting this done pretty much ahead of schedule!

The game itself is pretty much done.  I've been making slight changes to the positions of the clouds and tweaking the collision detection.  I've corrected the title screen and the instruction screen.  Reset and everything works fine.

Goals for next weekend are simple -- create the box art.  I want to get this for sale online by next weekend.  I'm also going to create a YouTube channel and upload gameplay footage to it.  This way, when I put it up on Lulu, I can simply point to the YouTube video so people can see the game in action.  The game is too short to make a demo version for free download, and I hate nagware ("You have 39 minutes of playtime remaining!  Click here to buy!").  I understand nagware isn't evil.  What makes it evil in this case is, to unlock it, you would have to let the program fingerprint your machine.  In other words, if you want to put the game on another machine of yours, you have to buy another license.  I don't want to do that.

Nine weekends to create a polished game from start to finish.  Done in six weekends (not counting that lost weekend during #2).  The game is a release candidate, and goes gold next weekend, come Hell or high water.

Silicon Knights?

Ion Storm?

Derek Smart?

3D Realms?

Tags: art, cloudburst, computers, digital rights, drm, linux, technology is a beautiful thing, video games
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